Our Privacy Policy

1. What data do we collect?

We collect the under mentioned data.
1. Guild ID
2. User ID
3. Username and tags
4. Custom settings(prefix etc.)

2. Why do we need our data?

We collect your data becasue if someone abuses our bot in your server then we will inform you first. After if the abuse dosen't stop, we will probably ban the server from using the bot. Also, the data helps us provide you the best experience

3. How do we use the data?

Provide, operate and maintain the bot. For proper functionality of the bot.


4. Are there any hidden things?

Our bot has nothing hidden in it.

5. How can user have that data removed?

We store our data in a databse so if user want to remove his/her data the user can join to our official discord server and make a ticket requesting to remove their data from the database. Click here to join support server.
Or they can contact the Bot Owner

6. Protection for Minors and children under age of 13

CraftBlur and any of it's services strictly do not provide services to children under the age of 13. Users must abide by the Discord's terms of services which states that the user must be atleast 13 years old.